1.0 League Information
1.1 Scoresheet Rules and ethical standards will apply to any area not addressed in this document.
1.2 ALHANNAM is a draft in person league.
1.3 The league shall consist of 20 teams in one division.
1.4 The team numbers will be re-assigned each year based on the order of finish (the top team will be team 1, the 2nd place
team will be team 2, etc.)
1.5 Ties will be broken by using the plus/minus, with the team with the lower plus/minus having priority.  In the event that there 
is still a tie, fewest runs for then most runs against will be used.  A coin toss will be the last tie breaker.
1.6 The league will use a DH.
1.7 A balanced schedule will be used.
1.8 The league website is
  1.9 No team will be allowed to participate in any draft or make trades unless he is paid in full or has made arrangements with
  Scoresheet to do so.  An email response from Scoresheet, cc'ing the Commissioner in necessary as proof.
2.0 Protection Lists
2.1 Protection lists are due to the Commissioner by January 1st.
2.2 Each team will protect 15 players plus rookies.  Teams finishing below .500 may protect 12-15 players.
2.3 A waiver draft will be held to bring all teams up to 15 (see 3.0).
2.4 Rookies will be defined according to Major League Baseball rules; i.e. pitchers who have not exceeded 50
innings pitched and position players who have not exceeded 130 at bats in the Major Leagues.
2.5 Each rookie protected will cost a team it's highest numbered draft pick, beginning from round 20.
3.0 Waiver Draft
3.1 The waiver draft will be held in February at a date to be announced.
3.2 Only teams who finish below .500 will participate.
3.3 Draft is in reverse order of team # (see 1.4).
  3.4 Only players who were drafted in the previous year but not protected are eligible.
  3.5 A player not protected by a team cannot be drafted by that team in the waiver draft.
3.6 If an owner is unable to attend this or any draft, he must send a list of players or instructions with another owner
otherwise, no players will be selected for that team.
4.0 Main Draft
4.1 The main draft will be held in March.
4.2 The date and location will be finalized at the Waiver Draft.
4.3 The draft will consist of 20 rounds. 
4.4 The draft order will be in reverse order of team # (see 1.4).
  4.5 Any owner who misses two consecutive main drafts will be asked to relinquish his team for the following year.
  4.6 If an owner is absent from the main draft and has not provided a detailed list, he shall receive the following:
  1-P, 2-SS, 3-P, 4-OF, 5-P, 6-3B, 7-P, 8-1B, 9-P, 10-2B, 11-P, 12-C, 13-P, 14-OF, 15-P, 16-OF, 17-P.  The 1st - 4 pitcher
  selections will be based on most innings pitched, alternating thereafter with most saves.  All position selections will be
  based on most at bats.  In the event that the team is void at a particular position, that position will be moved to the top of
  the list.
5.0 Supplemental Drafts
5.1 There will be 3 supplemental drafts, late April, June and August.
5.2 The date and locations will be announced at the Main Draft.
5.3 Each draft will consist of 3 rounds.
5.4 The draft order will be in reverse order of current standings.
5.5 Ties will be broken by using the plus/minus, with the team with the lower plus/minus having priority.  In the event that there 
is still a tie, fewest runs for then most runs against will be used.
6.0 Player Eligibility
6.1 Any player shall be eligible to be drafted regardless of that player's affiliation with Major League Baseball.
That is, college, high school or foreign players may be drafted at any time.
7.0 Playoffs
7.1 The top eight (8) teams will make the playoffs.
  7.2 In the event of ties for the last playoff spot, 7 game playoffs will be played to break the ties.  Seeding of teams will be done
  as per 1.5.  If more than 2 teams are tied, the bottom seeds will play off to advance to play the higher seeds.
7.3 The quarter-finals will be as follows:
          - 1 vs. 8
          - 2 vs. 7
            - 3 vs. 6
            - 4 vs. 5
7.4 The winning teams will be re-seeded and the semi-finals will be as follows:
          - 1 vs. 4
          - 2 vs. 3
7.5 The two semi-final winners will play for the championship.
7.6 All playoff rounds will be the best of 7 with home field advantage belonging to the highest seed.
8.0 Trades
8.1 All trades must be submitted to Scoresheet Baseball by Sunday of the week the trade is made, unless
mutually agreed upon between the owners involved.  Also, the trade must be reported to the Commissioner
so that the league website can be updated.
8.2 The following may be traded:
          - Players
          - Main draft picks that are not more than 1 year in the future.
          - Rookie slots that are not more than 1 year in the future.
          - Supplemental draft picks that are not more than 1 year in the future.
  8.3 No team can be down more than net 5 main draft picks (R1 through R20) at any time.
8.4 No "player to be named later" or "future considerations" will be allowed.
8.5 No trading is allowed from September 1st until the end of Scoresheet playoffs.
8.6 In the event that an owner fails to report a trade as required, the Commission shall direct Scoresheet 
to complete the trade.
  8.7 If an owner leaves the league prior to the main draft, any trades made by that owner since the end of the
  season (and any subsequent trades involving these players) will be reversed.
9.0 Complaints
9.1 All complaints about the league or individuals should be sent to the Commissioner in private.
9.2 The Commissioner will select two other owners not involved or affected by the complaint (i.e. not in the 
same division) to come to a resolution.
10.0 Amendments
10.1 For an amendment to the constitution to be considered, it must be submitted to the Commissioner who will
then decide how and when to present it to the league as well as when the vote will take place.
10.2 Any changes or additions to this document must be approved by at least 2/3 of the current owners.
11.0 Commissioner
11.1 The duties of the Commissioner include:
          - Keep all members of the league informed of pertinent league news.
          - Coordinate the Waiver, Main and Supplemental drafts.
          - All correspondence with Scoresheet with regards to draft results.
          - Enforce the league rules.
          - Maintain the league website.
11.2 The Commissioner will remain in office until such time he chooses not to continue or another member of the 
league volunteers for the office.  If more than one league member puts their name forward, an election will be
held with the member receiving the most votes becoming the Commissioner.
12.0 New Owners
12.1 If an owner leaves the league for any reason, any and all remaining members of the league are welcome to 
solicit replacements.
12.2 Applications must be submitted to the Commissioner who will then present them to the league.
12.3 New owners will be admitted if they receive the support of 50% + 1 of those voting.
12.4 If more than one team is available and if the new owners agree, they have the option of having a dispersal draft.
* New changes to the Constitution that were approved at the 2010 Main Draft will take effect immediately.