Date Transaction
12/23/07 Brent trades his R3 in Aug to Rick H. for B. Molina.
12/22/07 Brent trades B. Abreu & Hoffman to Jim S. for Sheffield & J.Broxton.
12/19/07 Hiro trades Jason Bay & R2 to Brent for Francisco Rodriguez, R5 & R16.
12/16/07 Jim C. trades M. Garza & R11 to Barry for S. Drew & Jim S's R5.
12/15/07 Rick H. trades Jim C's R5 to Jim for K. Youkilis.
12/14/07 Rick H. trades Thome to Dennis H. for Aggies R2 & Jim C's R5.
12/13/07 Dennis W. trades Vazquez & Ordonez to Rick H. for Halladay & Helton.
12/10/07 Mike trades Villanueva & a pick for a RS ... not sure what pick or with who?
12/10/07 Rick H. trades B. Roberts to Hiro for Milledge & Hochevar.
12/09/07 Brent trades RS to Barry for M. Rivera.
12/08/07 Brent trades Andrus & RS to Jim C. for H. Matsui.
12/08/07 Brent trades Wells & Ramirez to Garth for Lackey.
12/08/07 Brent trades Maine & R2 in April supp. to Len for R. Hill & R17.
12/08/07 Brent trades Posada & Sexson to Dennis W. for Abreu, Schmidt & Batancourt.
11/30/07 Rick H. trades Neshek to Don for a RS.
11/28/07 Mike trades E Byrnes and J Broxton to Jim S. for a R4 in 2009, R2 in April & R2 in Aug.
11/28/07 Bill trades Santana & LoDuca to Jamie for V. Martinez, Kershaw, McGee, R18, R19 & Bill's R5.
Bill A. trades Mauer to Barry for McGowan, Soto, Mike's R19 plus Havy's R1.
11/28/07 Bird trades R1 to to Barry for Don's R1 & Kevin's R5.
11/26/07 Bill trades BJ Upton, Price, Morrow, George's R20 plus R1 2009 to Mike for Utley & Jim S. R1.
11/26/07 Mike trades AJ Burnett and R12 for K Kouzmanoff, Woodys 2nd in June and 1st in Aug.
11/26/07 Mike trades R6 to Hiro S Olsen.
11/22/07 Kevin trades C. Jackson to Len for K. Kendrick.
11/17/07 Dennis W. traded Fields to Garth for B. Myers.
11/12/07 Bill trades V. Balentien, J. Meloan & D. Betances to Kevin for his 3 Aug. supps.
11/12/07 Rick H. trades M. Cabrera & BJ Ryan to Dennis H. for G. Maddux.
11/09/07 Woody trades Morales, Napoli to Kevin for Schilling, Janssen, Accardo and Varitek.
11/05/07 Bird trades Veal to Kevin for R2 in April.
11/05/07 Kevin trades Abreu & R4 to Dennis W. for Votto & Detwiler.
11/04/07 Kevin trades Burrell, Greene & Garland to Len for Loewen, T. Buck & Kearns.
11/03/07 Greg trades K. Greene & R6 to Kevin for Blanton.
10/31/07 Jamie trades Sexson, Gaudin, Ethier, R2, R4 & George's R3 to George for Peavy and Howard.
10/30/07 Rick H. trades C. Jackson to Kevin for 3 supps. in June.
10/24/07 Jim C. trades Atkins and Pelfrey to Kevin for C. Pena.
10/14/07 Jim C. trades Wang, Marcum & Cabrera to Bird for Cano.
10/11/07 Bill trades M. Rivera to Barry for R11.
10/09/07 Bill trades Schilling to Kevin for R1& R3 in April.
09/01/07 Hiro trades Batista & Bill's R14 to Woody for R4 & R2 in April 08.
08/31/07 Don trades Orlando Cabrera, Jaquin Benoit, Matt Corpas and Justin Hampson to Jim C. for R10 and a RS.
08/31/07 Jim C. trades R17 to Barry for Fuentes & Moylan.
08/31/07 Bill trades Liz, Adenhart & A. Gonzalez to Barry for Teixeira and R16.
08/31/07 Woody trades R16 to Bird for Looper.
08/31/07 Woody trades R8 & R1 in June to Mike for Merideth, Pena & R16.
08/30/07 Rick H. trades Shields & Gabbard to Mike B. for Clemens & Thome.
08/30/07 Rick H. trades Snider, Laroche & Cabrerra to Hiro for Conor Jackson, his R10 back, his R16 back & Hiro's R16.
Bill trades George's R4 plus Mike's R9 to Mike for M.Rivera, Schilling &  LoDuca
08/26/07 Jamie trades Uggla and Manny to George for Andrew Jones, Kershaw, R3 & Woody's R2.
? George trades F. Sanchez to Woody for M. Morris & R2.
Bill trades Maine, Bradley, Hoffman & Embree for Price, Williams, Bill's R3, R4 plus R20 (RS).
08/26/07 Mike traded Molina, Wakefield, Okajima, Neshek and Bonds to Rick H. for Gorzelanny, Kemp, 2 RS's, Kennedy and R5.
08/26/07 Supplemental Draft # 3 Results - click here
08/24/07 Jim S. trades Olivo to Dennis W. for R1 in Aug.
08/24/07 Bird trades Fields, Sherill & Silva to Dennis W. for R12 & RS.
08/23/07 Rick H. trades R16 to Hiro for R2 & R3 in August.
08/22/07 Jim C. trades Chamberlain & Justin Upton to Hiro for Beltran.
08/22/07 Woody trades A. Reyes to Hiro for R1 in August
08/21/07 Dennis H. trades H. Matsui to Jim C. for A. Hill, M. Murton & R5.
08/14/07 Mike trades ARod & Westbrook to Barry for Gordon, J. Bruce, J. Broxton, J. Danks, A. Miller, Jim C. R1, Jim S. R1 & RS.
08/10/07 Jim S. trades R1 to Barry for Gagne & R17.
08/09/07 Garth trades Konerko & Corpas to Don for Volstad, Wood & RS.
08/08/07 Dennis W. trades R2 & R3 in Aug to Woody for RS.
08/07/07 Kevin trades Greinke, Santana, Podsednik & R3 to Garth for Abreu & R9
08/07/07 Barry trades D. Davis & R4 to Kevin for Pedroia.
08/07/07 Barry trades Burrell to Kevin for Crisp & R2.
08/09/07 Bill trades Adam Miller, Andrew Miller, Gagne, R1, Kevin's R18 & R19 to Barry for Cain & R3.
08/06/07 Bill trades Wigginton & Thomas to Kevin for Bradley & A. Gonzalez.
08/06/07 Bill trades Loney, F. Martinez, R4, Dennis W's R18 & Kevin's R20 to Garth for Thomas & & Hoffman.
08/03/07 Barry trades McCann to Jim C. for Maybin, Laird & R1
08/03/07 Barry trades Carlos Zambrano to Rick H. for Teixeira, Baker & R1.
Bill trades Cain, Pujols, W.Davis, Danks plus Mike's R19 (RS) to Barry for Santana, Loney & Hamels
08/01/07 Don trades Napoli, R8, R2 in April (08) and R2 in June (08) to Woody for Duncan.
07/31/07 Rick H. trades RS to Hiro for Scott Baker.
07/30/07 Garth trades A. Beltre to Rick H. for Victorino and Wandy Rodrigues
07/25/07 Rick H. trades R10 to Hiro for Torreabla.
07/20/07 Don trades Westrook and Villanueva to Mike Barber for Germano.
07/12/07 Don trades Fuentes to Barry for a RS.
Bill trades Guthrie, Francoeur plus Donny's R1 to Barry for Kubel, Hafner plus Barry's R10
06/30/07 Barry trades Oswalt & Dunn to Jamie for Hafner, Hawpe, Doug Davis, Jamie's R1 and Jamie's R1 in Aug.
06/29/07 Woody trades Wolf to Mike for Havy's R1 in June and Mike's R1 & R2 in June.
06/29/07 Barry trades Janssen to Kevin for R5.
06/29/07 Mike trades Teahen, Sanched and 3 supps in June '08 to Greg the following June supps - all 3 of Greg's, all 3 of Mike's and Havy's 1st.
06/29/07 Supplemental Draft # 2 Results - click here
06/28/07 Bill trades Bird's R1 in June to Don for Nathan & R9.
06/28/07 Bill trades Harang to Dennis W. for Danks, Davis, R18 & Bird's R1 in June.
06/25/07 Don trades Rowand & Valvarde to Kevin for Woody's R1 in June.
06/25/07 Jim C. trades D. Davis to Jamie for B. Harris
06/25/07 Bill trades Hamels, S. Drew, Mike's R1 & Georges R1 to Barry for Reyes, Adenhart & F. Martinez.
06/25/07 Bill trades Dennis' and Woody's R1 in June to Kevin for Harang.
06/22/07 Bill trades R2 to Dennis H. for R1 in June.
06/22/07 Bill trades Reyes & Wolfe to Woody for his R2 back.
06/19/07 Bill trades R15, R3 in June '08 & Mikes R5 to Hiro for R1, R2 & R3 in June.
06/18/07 Jim S. trades R4, R20 (RS), R1 in June & R1 in Aug to Barry for Jenks.
06/17/07 Len trades D. McGowan to Kevin for R1 & Woody's R1 in Aug.
? Kevin trades Swisher to Woody for Kevin's R1
06/16/07 Bill trades Street, Gonzalez & R3 in Aug to Woody for Gagne & R1 & R3 in June.
06/12/07 Barry trades a RS to Jim C. for Adam Jones.
06/10/07 Dennis W. trades Ordonez & R2 & R3 in June to Garth for Carpenter, Perkins & R2 in June.
06/06/07 Len trades J. Buck to Dennis W. for Clippard, Shoppach & R3 in June.
06/03/07 Jim C. trades B. Phillips to D. Willert for D. Davis and RS.
05/27/07 Hiro trades Betacourt & Rincon to Dennis W. for R3.
05/26/07 Don trades Coffey to Garth for R1 in June.
05/15/07 Mike trades O. Villarreal, B. Thompson, C. Lofgren, J Ellsbury & Barry's R1 to Greg for B. Colon, K. Griffey & R16.
05/13/07 Mike trades D. Braden, D. Willis, T. Tulowitzki, J. Willingham & R2 to Greg for Schilling, Bonds, Clemens & R17.
05/11/07 Bill trades S. Hill & F. Morales to Woody for R1.
05/09/07 Jamie trades Maroth to Woody for R12.
05/06/07 Jim C. trades B. Giles & Hendrickson to Woody for R3 and 2 RS's.
04/29/07 Supplemental Draft # 1 Results - click here
04/29/27 Mike trades 3 supps in June to Greg for Rick H's R1 in April & Greg's R2 & R3 in April.
04/28/07 Bird trades S. Hill & M. Gonzalez to Bill for R12, Mike's R20 & R2 & R3 in June.
04/28/07 Bird trades Capuano to Jamie for R20 & R1 in April.
04/27/07 Bird trades Danks to Dennis W. for R20 & R3 in April.
04/24/07 Bill trades Punto, Neshek, Okajima, R13 & R17 to Mike for R5, R9, R1 in April & Kevin's R18, R19 & R20.
04/24/07 Mike trades R2 & R3 in April to Kevin for Orvella.
04/24/07 Bill trades Zobrist & Kouzmanoff  to Kevin for Wigginton.
04/24/07 Bill trades Howard & Cl. Lee to George for Hamels & R1 & R2.
04/24/07 George trades A. Gonzalez, Blanton & Greinke to Kevin for Contreras & Hall.
04/23/07 Bill trades A. Hill & R18, R19 & R20 to Jim C. for B. Zobrist & BJ Upton.
04/19/07 Bill trades Kendrick & R9 to Bird for Howard & Punto.
04/19/07 Bill trades Kazmir, Rodney, Rogers, Bard & R3 to George for Maine & Adam Miller.
04/19/07 Bill trades Cotts, Calero & Teahen to Mike for Wolfe & Kouzmanoff.
04/18/07 Len trades WM Pena to Greg for R5, R10 & Dennis W's R1 in June.
04/17/07 Bill trades Matsuzaka, Lester & C. Young (of) to Hiro for Adam Miller, Sizemore & R6.
04/16/07 Len trades Oswalt to Barry for Loewen, Longoria, McGowan, WM Pena & R2.
04/10/07 Bill trades Weeks & Hermida for Kendrick, R12 & Len's R1 in April Supp.
04/07/07 Kevin trades Figgins & R1 to Woody for Swisher.
04/07/07 Bill trades Bradley, Crosby, Ohka & K. Johnson to Kevin for Hill, C. Lee, Hermida and Dennis H's R1.
? Kevin trades F. Thomas to Dennis H. for R1.
04/06/07 Bill trades Helms & R6 to Woody for Teahen.
03/27/07 Bill trades C. Zambrano, Encarnacion, Longoria, Buchholtz & F. Martinez to Barry for Wright, A. Reyes, Ohka & Lester.
03/27/07 Mike trades Verlander, Encarnacion, R1, Donnie's R1 & Mike's R19 & R20 to Bill for Arod & Smoltz.
03/27/07 Mike trade M. Cabrera & RS to Don for Verlander, Encarnacion & R1.
03/27/07 Mike trade Wiggington to Kevin for 3 RS.
03/18/07 Len trades T. Ohka to Barry for R1 in June.
03/13/07 Rick H. trades J. Rincon to Hiro for Gorzelanny.
03/12/07 Dennis H. trades Z. Duke, Johjima & F. Thomas to Garth for R. Halladay, D. Ross & B. Brousard.
03/12/07 Hiro trades S. Eyre to for I. Stewart.
03/10/07 Kevin trades Lugo to Dennis W. for Hermida.
03/10/07 Rick S. trades V. Guerrero & R1 in June to Dennis W. for J. Pierre and and T. Hunter.
03/10/07 Bill trades J. Varitek to Kevin for R2.
03/10/07 Bird trades D. Dejesus & R1 April supp to Jim C. for R. Braun.
03/10/07 M a i n   D r a f t
03/10/07 Bill trades R5 in 2008 to Jamie for R12.
03/10/07 Rick H. trades R1 in June to Greg for R17.
03/10/07 Jim S. trades R2 in April to Barry for R16.
03/10/07 Woody trades R1 in April to Don for R?.
03/10/07 Bill trades R1 in June & Aug supps to Bird for R16.
03/10/07 Rick H. trades R1 in April to Greg for R15.
03/10/07 Bill trades R2 in 2008 to Woody for R?
03/08/07 Rick H. trades Kevin's 1st and Dennis' 8th to Dennis for Coco's 2nd and Dennis' R18 thru R20.
03/04/07 Bill trades H. & A. Sanchez & Kevin's R10 to Mike for Francoeur.
02/28/07 Jim C. trades R1 to Barry for Rick H's R1 & Don's R2.
02/10/07 Kevin trades Schilling to Greg for Edmonds.
02/09/07 Don trades Dennis W's R3 to Jim C.
02/08/07 Mike trades Rick H's R1 to Barry for R1 in 2008 & Bill's R2.
02/08/07 Kevin trades Nolasco & Snell to Rick H. for Harang.
02/06/07 Greg trades Willingham & RS to Mike for R9.
02/05/07 Dennis W. trades Vidro, Cook & Gagne to Woody for Durham & R12.
02/04/07 Len trades B. Crosby to Bill for R1 in April supp.
02/01/07 Bill trades Berkman and Volstad to Don for Matsuzaka.
01/31/07 Bill trades R11 to George for RS.
01/29/07 Bill trades Harden, Zimmerman, J. Upton & R13, Bird's R1, Bird's R12, Barry's R14 & Greg's R20 to Jim for Cain and C. Young (Ari).
01/29/07 Jamie trades trades RS to Jim C. for R12.
01/12/07 Rick S. trades C. Hensley to Jim C. for Kevin's R1.


Supplemental Draft # 1 Results

# Team Players Selected
1 Bill Theriot, Pinto, Joe Smith, K. Cameron
2 Rick H. B. Tomko, M. Guerrier, J. Lieber, H. Bell
3 Greg No Picks
4 George J. Borchard, S. Henn, D. Purcey
5 Len D. Aardsma, M. Albers, T. Buck, R. Church, R. Doumit
6 Garth M. Owings, B. Duckworth, Dm. Young
7 Hiro K. Lohse, R. Braun, J. Towers
8 Dennis W. K. Shoppach
9 Dennis H. J. DelaRosa, B. Bruney, J. Phillips
10 Mike T. Pena, D. Braden, J. Cruz jr.
11 Don M. Belisle, R. Messenger, K. Mench, J. Colome
12 Jim S. R. Ortiz, A. DeAza
13 Kevin J. Parrish, J. Frasor
14 Jamie S. B. Harris, C. Ross
15 Barry R. Sanders, D. Brocail, C, Janssen, J. McDonald, R. White
16 Woody A, Alfonseca, S. Downs
17 Rick S. C. Counsell, C. Silva, E. O'Flaherty, J. Smoker
18 Jim C. D. Moseley, M. Hendrickson, C. Ruiz & F. Carmona

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Supplemental Draft # 2 Results

Barry 212 Joel Peralta P KC
Barry 1322 Peter Moylan P Atl
Barry 5129 Jo. Vitters 3B Chn
Bill 110 Jeremy Guthrie P Bal
Bill 259 David Riske P KC
Bill 279 Mark Lowe P Sea
Bill 289 Rafael Perez P Cle
Dennis W 1781 Eddie Guardado P Cin
Dennis W 5132 Ro. Detwiler P Was
Don 126 Brian Burres P Bal
Don 302 Santiago Garcia P Oak
Don 1033 Rodrigo Lopez P Col
Don 1086 Jason Bergmann P Was
Don 1126 Justin Hampson P SD
Don 1189 Deolis Guerra P NYN
Don 5178 H. Sosa P SF
George 86 Brian Tallet P Tor
George 258 C.J. Wilson P Tex
George 1600 Matt Diaz OF Atl
Jamie 95 Lenny DiNardo P Bos
Jamie 1291 Vinnie Chulk P SF
Jamie 5108 Mike Fontenot 2b Chn
Jim 70 Shaun Marcum P Tor
Jim 97 Brian Bannister P KC
Jim 1104 Sergio Mitre P Flo
Jim 1317 Micah Bowie P Was
Kevin 713 Carlos Pena 1B TB
Len 69 Kameron Loe P Tex
Len 196 Andy Sonnanstine P TB
Len 1256 Brandon Lyon P Ari
Len 1707 Mark Reynolds SS Ari
Len 1746 Matt Chico P Was
Len 4170 Kendrick P Phi  
Mike 146 Michael Bowden P Bos
Mike 169 Joakim Soria P KC
Mike 1135 Justin Germano P Phi
Mike 1493 Greg Dobbs 3B Phi
Rick h 33 Paul Byrd P Cle
Rick h 551 Marlon Byrd OF Tex
Rick h 1051 Wandy Rodriguez P Hou
Rick h 1067 Brad Hennessey P SF
Rick h 1655 Jack Cust DH SD
Rick s 55 Julian Tavarez P Bos
Rick s 563 Reggie Willits OF Ana
Rick s 1169 Phil Dumatrait P Cin
Rick s 5133 Matt Laporta OF Mil
Woody 369 Matt Stairs OF Tor
Woody 1080 Carlos Marmol P ChN
Woody 1233 Ryan Franklin P StL
Woody 1371 Chris Snyder C Ari

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Supplemental Draft # 3 Results

Bill 143 Radhames Liz P Bal
Bill 296 Juan Salas P TB
Bill 297 James Hoey P Bal
Bill 601 Wladimir Balentien OF Sea
Rick H. 105 Kason Gabbard P Bos
Rick H. 176 Ian Kennedy P NYA
Rick H. 491 Asdrubal Cabrera SS Cle
Rick H. 1159 Will Inman P Mil
Rick H. 1330 Andrew Brown P SD
Rick H. 5127 Troy Percival P  
Rick H.   Pedro Alverez 3B college
Rick H. 718 C. Triunfel    
George 239 Ron Mahay P Tex
George 532 Joey Gathright OF KC
George 1481 Mike Lamb 1B Hou
Len 1617 Ryan Spilborghs OF Col
Len 5006 VandenHurk P Flo
Len 4038 Mike Moustakas ss KC
Len 5194 J. Lannan    
Garth 625 Jair Jurrjens P Det
Garth 1059 Taylor Buchholz P Col
Garth 5130 D. Moskos p Pit
Dennis H. 1753 Rudy Seanez P LAD
Dennis H. 4009 Jesse Litsch P Tor
Dennis H. 5060 L. Gardner P Flo
Mike 354 Kurt Suzuki C Oak
Mike 556 Franklin Gutierrez OF Cle
Mike 1171 Johnny Cueto P Cin
Don 205 Joaquin Benoit P Tex
Don 1149 Tim Redding P Was
Don 1310 Chris Schroder P Was
Jim S. 58 Zach Miner P Det
Jim S. 1270 Russ Springer P StL
Jim S. 4048 Porcello P  
Kevin 288 Leo Nunez P KC
Kevin 1183 Joel Hanrahan P Was
Kevin 1340 Luis Ayala P Was
Jamie S. 82 Kyle Snyder P Bos
Jamie S. 1701 Jorge Sosa P NYN
Barry 330 Jose Molina C Ana
Barry 1373 Matt Treanor C Flo
Barry 1387 Geovany Soto C ChN
Barry 1721 Yunel Escobar SS Atl
Barry 4079 Laffey P Cle
Woody 1429 Chris Carter 1B Ari
Woody 1776 Rick Ankiel OF StL
Woody 365 K. Miller    
Woody 5042 R. Ludwick    
Woody   R. Rayburn    
Woody 791 C. Brazell    
Rick S. 98 Edwin Jackson P TB
Rick S. 269 Sean Green P Sea
Rick S. 1134 Ubaldo Jimenez P Col
Rick S.   H. Martinez ss High School
Jim C. 1155 Manuel Parra P Mil
Jim C. 1739 Chin-Lung Hu SS LA
Jim C. 5045 Steven Pearce 1B Pit


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